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Summary of Priorities

NJP’s Board of Director’s is required to adopt case service priorities.  Priorities will vary among NJP field offices and among the specialized units.  

In general, priority cases involve complex legal problems or issues that generally will not be handled by private attorneys such as:
  • disputed custody cases involving domestic violence or children at risk of harm
  • subsidized or public housing evictions involving disability issues and discrimination
  • home mortgage foreclosure or lending abuses
  • access to government subsistence benefits such as TANF, GAU, SSI or veteran’s benefits
  • access to medical care or benefits such as Medicaid, Basic Health, Medicare Part D, home health or other similar benefits
  • education rights such as special education, transitional language assistance, or disciplinary proceedings
  • employment issues primarily for agricultural workers related to lost wages, discrimination or workplace health and safety conditions
  • and consumer issues related to fraud, predatory lending, medical debt, and other similar issues.

NJP will also accept cases involving other issues, such as transportation, discrimination in public accommodations, general barriers to accessing courts and other means of resolving disputes or matters that otherwise address systemic problems experienced by low income individuals or communities.