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Foreclosure Prevention Unit Volunteer Attorneys

The Foreclosure Prevention Unit (FPU) helps low to moderate income Washington homeowners facing foreclosure of their primary place of residence.  We represent homeowners in loan modification negotiation, mediation under the Foreclosure Fairness Act and litigation to protect and enforce homeownership rights under state and federal law. 

Volunteering for the FPU provides an opportunity to help save the homes of distressed families, which has an impact far beyond the equity or market value involved, and even beyond the obvious value of maintaining a roof over one’s head.  Keeping a client in his home can provide stability for a family, the ability to maintain a job or to keep the kids in their school and neighborhood.  Often, clients have health or other issues that will be greatly worsened by the loss of the home. 

FPU volunteers provide a crucial additional element to serve as many distressed Washington homeowners as possible statewide. 


FPU volunteer attorneys have the opportunity to directly assist distressed homeowners by taking individual cases referred by the FPU.  The nature of the work would depend on the nature of the specific case (negotiation, mediation, litigation). 

Homeowners are first screened for program eligibility and then an FPU staff attorney conducts a more in-depth interview and analyzes the case to determine if it is suitable for placement with an FPU volunteer attorney.  Cases are therefore referred with an initial strategy/direction already determined.  While the volunteer attorneys will handle the cases from their own office or firm, the referring FPU staff attorney will remain available over the life of that case to provide guidance as needed.

Although assigned cases will remain as NJP cases for recordkeeping and reporting purposes, the volunteer attorney agrees to establish an attorney-client relationship with the client and assume primary responsibility for the case.  Volunteer attorneys also agree to keep the referring FPU staff attorney apprised of key developments, assist NJP by transmitting limited NJP required administrative documents, and provide file closure documents.


NJP is looking for attorneys who have an interest in assisting homeowners facing foreclosure and:

  • Three years’ experience practicing in one of these fields:
    • Foreclosure Defense, including mediation
    • Bankruptcy
    • Debt Collection Defense
    • Tax Law
    • General Consumer;


  • Significant experience with residential property foreclosure matters, mortgage lending, loan work-out agreements or related fields AND have completed the WSBA’s Foreclosure Training.

Applicants will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Please complete the application below: