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Proyecto Campesina Digna

Campesina Digna builds capacity for farmworkers and their communities to combat rampant workplace sexual violence and harassment affecting more than 28,000 farmworker women in the agricultural industry in Washington. Campesina Digna integrates legal education, litigation, and increased access to victim services to secure justice for survivors of sexual harassment, create a safe work environment for all farmworkers, and ultimately to change the culture of the agricultural industry in rural Washington communities by ending tolerance for sexual violence in the workplace.

  • Services Provided: Campesina Digna provides legal representation to farmworkers who have been victims of sexual harassment in employment cases, immigration applications, protection orders, and crime victims compensation applications. Attorneys help workers file charges of harassment and discrimination and seek accountability and compensation from their employers when they violate federal and state law by failing to prevent or stop sexual harassment.  Attorneys also provide training for workers and service providers on the rights of workers to be free from sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace.
  •  Who Qualifies for Help:  Farmworkers and some low-wage workers who have experienced sexual harassment or discrimination on the job.  
  •  How to Get Help:  Call NJP’s Farmworker Unit at 1-888-201-1018 or Alyson at 509-381-2317

Campesina Digna is supported by a VOCA grant.