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NJP Stops Eviction of 65 Section 8 Families in Renton

November 14, 2016

Sixty-five families who depend on Section 8 vouchers to help pay their rent received notices that their vouchers would no longer be accepted and were told they would have to leave by the end of October 2016. Notice was given by the purchasers of two Renton buildings who wanted to raise the rents above what the Section 8 program subsidy allows. NJP attorneys Scott Crain and Matt Brady agreed to represent the tenants and raised the prospect of fair housing violations. All 23 families in one building are African American, many are female headed households, and many tenants are also disabled.

The owners initially agreed to extend the vacate notices to the end of November, but ultimately agreed to extend the notices to vacate until June, 2017 for one building and to withdraw the notices altogether for the other building.

The tenants have asked the Renton City Council to adopt an ordinance to prevent landlords from discriminating against renters in the Section 8 program, as have other King County communities. The plight of the families has garnered much media attention in the Seattle Times, Kiro 7, and King 5.

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