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Client Story: Alicia Butterfield

August 19, 2020

Growing up in an abusive home, drugs were part of the life I always knew. As I got older, I made a bad choice and turned to drugs myself. I met my husband at a dealer’s house. Things were fine until we started using more and he became violent.

When I got pregnant, I chose to fight and do better for me and my child. I went through chemical dependency programs and took parenting classes. I wanted to be the best mom I could be. My husband took some classes, but when our daughter was two, he started using again and returned to violence.Alicia Butterfield

That’s when I was referred to NJP. My lawyer was incredibly supportive and helped me feel confident and safe while speaking to the judge in the same room with my now ex-husband. NJP helped me win a custody battle, divorce, and secure a protection order.

I hope my story can help survivors of domestic violence to reach out to Northwest Justice Project, so they can feel safe and have a more comfortable life. NJP shaped my future and the person I am today; someone who isn’t afraid to ask for help.

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