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Client Story: Haunani Ryan

August 19, 2020

I think people would be shocked to know that I’m a senior citizen living in a housing control building and I was almost made homeless because my cat was seen outside without a leash. NJP wrote a letter to the housing authority telling them that what they were doing was illegal. Without that legal knowledge, I wouldn’t have known that housing was breaking the law and wouldn’t have been able to fight the eviction. 

Haunani Ryan

Every American citizen deserves legal representation and deserves the truth. What I was getting was not the truth, was not legal and I wouldn’t have ever known. Without an attorney, I wouldn’t have known my landlord was breaking the law. Now that I successfully fought against eviction, my landlord is more hesitant to take advantage of me.

Every community has low-income people who need legal assistance. Without it, they are subject to mistreatment and abuse. I could have become one of thousands of homeless people, a bigger drain on society. I feel a lot more secure now that I’ve had legal representation.

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