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Client Story: Lynn Attison

August 19, 2020

I was a fully active person who loved working with kids until I contracted H1N1 during the 2009 pandemic. I had severe complications, including amputations to parts of my hands and feet. Suddenly, I was someone who was always tired and in pain. The illness gobbled up my insurance and ran up our debts.

It took me years to recover a semblance of who I was. During this time, my husband started overspending to deal with depression and wasn’t keeping track of our debts and payments. I learned there was money coming in that my husband wasn’t putting into our bank account. We divorced after he became violent, but we still shared a lot of debt. Because I now owned the house, the debt collectors only came after me.

Lynn Attison

The first time I was sued for the debt, NJP assisted me in filing paperwork to stop the lawsuit. The second time I was sued, the stress affected my health, and I was in danger of having another stroke. I was fighting to stay alive; I couldn’t fight creditors too. I thought I would lose my home.

I had this awful feeling. What do I do now? I can’t afford a lawyer! Finding out NJP existed really gave me a sense of hope because you don’t have to face this alone. 

My NJP lawyer had a lot of experience with this kind of case and was confident we could beat them because I don’t have any assets except my house. He was like a dragon slayer, taking on my creditors and eliminating debt. If NJP hadn’t helped me, I would have lost my house. They saved my life.

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