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Megan Roake, Appellant v. Maxwell Delman, Respondent

September 1, 2016

In another excellent decision NJP joined with Legal Voice as amicus in a case that challenged the trial court’s denial of a sexual assault protection order because the petitioner had failed to prove acts of the respondent which made her fearful of future contact. The Court of Appeals (Division I) reversed and remanded holding that “the SAPO Act does not require a petitioner to prove an allegation of ‘specific statements or actions’. The only substantive allegation … to prove was that a sexual assault occurred.” Megan Roake, Appellant v. Maxwell Delman, Respondent, No. 73337-1. (The Washington Supreme Court granted Delman’s petition for discretionary review which will be argued in late March - NJP continues to coordinate with Legal Voice in their supplemental amicus briefing).