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AG Seeks Legislation to Create Statewide Driver’s Relicensing Program

January 16, 2018

Attorney General Bob Ferguson notified the Washington Legislature his office is requesting legislation to establish a program to address traffic-based financial obligations that does not penalize people for their poverty.  In a December 1, 2017 Report, required by law, the AG’s Office proposes a system to consolidate traffic debt, owed courts in multiple jurisdictions, into one payment plan making it easier for individuals to pay their traffic debts and reinstate their driver’s licenses. The AG report, and stakeholder process, followed the Northwest Justice Project (NJP) representation of nearly 2,000 drivers with suspended licenses over a three-year period.  NJP’s efforts highlighted the extent of the problem, affecting more than 250,000 mostly low-income Washington drivers, and triggered the attention of the AG, the courts and the Legislature. View the A.G.’s Report and The AG’s letter forwarding the report to the Legislature.